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Feel the CBD transdermal absorption effect and benefit by applying one of our Premium CBD Topical products to your skin, day or night.

Our CBD Oil topicals have been designed with a very targeted formulation utilizing only the most premium ingredients to support you in a way that is most convenient, depending on your needs and how they fit your routine.


What are Wellness Collection™ Premium Topical Products?

Wellness Collection CBD Topical Products are an elite line of CBD products that are utilized by rubbing the products into the skin (otherwise known as, topical application). This exclusive line of topical CBD products includes our sports cream, unscented cream and a CBD salve stick.  These products were designed specifically to help those with busy and on-the-go lifestyles be able to care for themselves in an easy manner & be utilized for a variety of different desires.

How do I use Wellness Collection™’s Premium CBD Topical line?

Wellness Collection™’s Premium CBD Topicals are easy and effective.  Simply apply your preferred topical directly to your skin/ and rub them in.  Your affected areas will almost instantly feel benefit.

What do Wellness Collection™ CBD Topicals do?

Wellness Collection™ Premium CBD Topicals are designed to support the health of your skin, muscles and joints.  They are fast acting and absorb directly into the skin.

How do you recommend we use the Wellness Collection™ Premium CBD Topicals?

Each Wellness Collection™ Premium CBD Topical is recommended for different needs. Our CBD salve stick is fabulous for on-the-go application.  It fits perfectly in a purse, gym bag, golf bag, travel sack and is formulated to support healthy joints and muscles.  Our Premium CBD Sports Cream has a locking pump, so is also great if you need to travel with it, but has added menthol and camphor, both geared at supporting healthy muscles. Our unscented CBD Cream comes in a convenient pump bottle (with a cap, again travel-friendly) and is formulated to support healthy skin, making it perfect for anywhere on the body, including the face.

How much Wellness Collection™ Premium CBD Topicals should I use?

Wellness Collection™’ CBD Topicals are formulated to be safe for use as needed.  A little goes a long way.  Start by applying a small amount of CBD salve or cream to troubled areas.  You can increase the amount of reapply whenever you crave relief.