Our Mission

Our goal at Wellness Collection™ is to redefine what it means for you to be healthy. We want to help you to live better, work better, look better and be better by supporting your wellness goals.

- Cassie Sobelton

Why Wellness Collection™

Wellness Collection™ was born out of the desire for honest, clean health products that support your mind, body and spirit wellbeing in a simple, easy fashion.

Our products have been carefully crafted to support your overall health and wellbeing, specifically as it relates to busy lifestyles and on-the-go individuals.

We want to help you incorporate easy health upgrades into your life, as we strongly believe small changes add up over time, making big results achievable.

All of our products have been specifically formulated to:

Impact your health and life, creating REAL CHANGE

Make you look your best, feel your best and be your best

Utilizing only the highest quality and most natural ingredients possible

Make change by incorporating scientifically proven ingredients with ample research of proven benefits

Make compliance easy - by taking your supplements

Support all areas of wellbeing*

Supplements don’t have to be complicated, yet somehow they always seem to be.  We are here to help you understand what you need, why you need it and how to use it in your life.  No games, no gimmicks, just honest education around our products and your needs, so you can make an informed decision on what to put in your body.

We take product quality and manufacturing very seriously.

Sadly, the supplement industry is highly unregulated.  The reliability and consistency of ingredients, as well as the commitment to quality and integrity is severely lacking.

One study reported that 59% of tested botanical supplements contained plant species not listed on the label; additionally, active ingredient substitution was observed among 83% of companies tested.*

We are different.  We care and take product quality and manufacturing very seriously.

We have the highest possible standards for everything we do.  We teamed up with industry leading scientists, physicians, dieticians, health coaches and nutritionist to create our line of products.

Our products are exclusively manufactured in the United States with the highest quality standards possible.  From ingredient selection and product formulation to manufacturing, transporting and storage, we carefully selected the best manufacturing partners, ingredient vendors and other suppliers.  It was with the utmost care we chose like-minded partners.  We took a year to formulate and launch our products, with every aspect of the business considered.

Our vendor partners are the best at what they do.  Various industries and ingredients require different certifications.  Our vendors have the following combined certifications with a combined 30 years manufacturing experience:

“The Wellness Collection™’s products are some of the highest quality products I have ever seen. Rarely are products packed with so many beneficial ingredients, while being void of fillers and other unnecessary additives. I personally give my family these products, in addition to referring patients to them on the regular.”

Margaret Seefelt, Registered Dietitian

Meet the Founder

Wellness Collection™ was founded by best-selling author, health and wellness expert and industry luminary, Cassie Sobelton.  Cassie has authored 2 best-selling books on health and wellbeing (Back to Balance and The Employee Wellbeing Handbook), is a regular contributor to multiple media outlets (including recurring segments on ABC news), a national brand spokesperson and keynote speaker, health and wellness podcast host, certified yoga instructor, fitness instructor, health coach and nutritionist.

Cassie also holds dual bachelor degrees in Psychology and Sociology, in addition to an Executive Education Program “Leadership in Plant Operations” from The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.  This unique combination of degrees, education and background is the perfect blend to found a new type of supplement company: one that honors integrity, transparency, quality and above all else, your health.

Cassie believes the only way to achieve health in our modern world is to approach it in a way that easily fits into our busy lifestyles.  As someone who seriously struggled with her health for decades, working far too many hours, for far too long of a period, Cassie neglected her wellbeing and it took a profound toll on her health and happiness.

A life-changing illness (Crohn’s Disease) made her take a hard look at her lifestyle and habits, resulting in a new understanding of what is necessary to achieve TRUE health and wellbeing.  Cassie started making REAL changes in her life, by way of small health upgrades and over a short period of time, reversed all symptoms of her illness and was removed from all her medications.  She has lived symptom and medication free ever since.