What are Wellness Collection™ CBD Ingestible Products used for?

Wellness Collection™’s CBD ingestible products are used to find and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  We have cannabinoid receptors through our entire bodies.  The phytocannabinoids in hemp extract interact these receptors to support balance within our bodies.  Masses of individuals use CBD oil to assist them in finding balance as it relates to their sleep patterns, recovery after workouts, clarity and focus, and so many other benefits.

Why does it matter who I buy CBD ingestible products from?

CBD is currently in a very odd state.  It is newly legal and not yet regulated by the FDA.  Because of this, the contents of various CBD oil/tinctures would be different than what the CBD company claims.  Basically, it could contain dangerous substances (pesticides, heavy metals, or other), the THC levels could be higher than indicated on the label or the CBD content could be lower than indicated.  As a matter of fact, one study by the Penn State College of Medicine found that over 1/5 of CBD products on the market that are labeled as having no THC actually did contact THC.

These companies are unscrupulous and care only about making a profit.  We absolutely do not operate in this manner.  Wellness Collection™ was born out of the desire to make effective, safe and honest products with transparency being of utmost importance.  This is why every single one of our products you can scan a QR label on the jar/bottle itself to immediately view our third-party lab test results.

Why are two different milligrams (mg) listed for the Wellness Collection™ CBD Oil Tinctures and Gummies?

We believe at the Wellness Collection™ that transparency is essential when educating our clientele and we want you to be fully informed.  We want you to understand exactly what you are buying and putting in your body.  Part of this is helping you understand how many milligrams of CBD are in each serving and each bottle of our CBD Oil Tinctures.  Many CBD companies choose to only put the milligrams of their full bottle, leading the consumer to believe their product has more CBD in it than their competitors.

You will notice 2 different sets of numbers on our products: the lower of the two is the amount of CBD in a serving size and the higher of the 2 is the amount of CBD in the full bottle/jar.  So, for example:

  • Level 1 Tincture: Wellness Collection™ Mint Tincture has 15 mg CBD per serving & 30 servings per bottle, which totals 450 mg CBD per bottle
  • Level 2 Tincture: Wellness Collection™ Lemon Tincture has 30 mg CBD per serving & 30 servings per bottle, which totals 900 mg CBD per bottle
  • Level 3 Tincture: Wellness Collection™ Mint Tincture has 45 mg CBD per serving & 30 servings per bottle, which totals 1350 mg CBD per bottle
  • Strawberry Lemonade Gummies have 10 mg CBD per serving & 30 gummies per jar, which totals 300 mg CBD per jar

How long does Wellness Collection™ CBD take to work?

CBD effects everyone a bit differently, as the time it takes to work depends on your unique body, metabolism, tolerance to CBD, and so on.  The Wellness Collection™ CBD Oil Tinctures will work faster than a gummy because the phytocannabinoids start getting absorbed as soon as you put them your mouth.  The gummies will take a bit longer, as they have to travel through your digestive track and the gummies need to be digested.  You might feel instantaneous effects while another person will not feel it for 15 to 60 minutes.  You will learn your body and know what is right for you.

How long will I feel the effects of Wellness Collection™ CBD?

CBD tinctures are absorbed quicker than gummies since the phytocannabinoids are metabolized faster. So, CBD tincture will likely result in four to six hours, while gummies and softgels will be felt for about eight hours.

How long will Wellness Collection™ CBD products last?

We recommend you store your Wellness Collection™ CBD products in a dry area that has little exposure to sunlight.  Following proper storage instructions will allow your CBD product to last about 18 months.

How Do I Take the Wellness Collection™ CBD Oil Tinctures?

Most people simply draw the Wellness Collection™ CBD oil tincture into the dropper and release the desired amount of drops into the mouth, either on the tongue or under the tongue. The CBD tinctures can be taken on their own, or they can be added to coffee, tea, water, baked goods, salad dressings and the like.

What is a CBD Oil Tincture?

Tinctures have been used in ancient medicine for hundreds of years.  Oil tinctures (which these are) combine a “carrier oil” (in our products’ case, Olive Oil or MCT Oil) with an extract (in this case, CBD) for oral use, or consumption.  Most CBD companies infuse alcohol with CBD oil to make tinctures.  The do this because it is cheaper and easier to use.  Wellness Collection™ uses a far less abrasive, but more expensive approach to carry our products to consumption: olive oil and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil.  We do this because we know it is the right thing to do and it is the only thing we would use ourselves.

Where can CBD Tinctures be purchased?

CBD tinctures are popping up everywhere and can be found in many places, including head shops, gas stations, pharmacies and food markets.  While convenient to purchase here, these products almost certainly do not carry products with high quality ingredients or that are third-party lab tested for safety, efficacy and transparency.  In addition, the merchants are rarely, if ever, armed with the knowledge to answer your questions or even understand the products they are selling.  It is wise to select a reputable brand who proudly displays their third-party lab testing reports for their CBD products, as Wellness Collection™ does.

How are Wellness Collection™ Tinctures Flavored?

Wellness Collection™ CBD Oil Tinctures are flavored with only the highest quality ingredients.  We use organic essential oils to flavor our tinctures and only the best quality, organic carrier oils (extra virgin olive oil and MCT oil) that promote a smooth flavor and improve absorption rates.

Will Wellness Collection™’s CBD ingestible products get me "high"?

No. 100% of the THC is removed from all of Wellness Collection™’s products.  Even though by law, 0.3% is allowed, we remove ALL THC.  Our third-party lab tests that we run on every single batch of our products will prove this.

Are there any side effects from CBD?

As an industry, we are not aware of any side effects from CBD.  Possibly one may become drowsy if s/he takes too much.  It is also suggested that individuals that have liver conditions take smaller servings of CBD.

How much CBD should I take?

Every person and everyone’s body have different needs.  All of us have tolerances and preferences that vary.  We recommend trying one dropperful of the tincture (or 1 gummy)  twice a day to start.  You can increase this as needed.

CBD’s effects depend on many factors, including sex, weight, metabolism, if taken on empty/full stomach, how rested one is and likely a myriad of other influences.  In addition, people take CBD for a host of reasons, so defining a “desired effect” is an important, as this definition could be unique to each user.  For this reason, you will want to be your health advocate and spend time experimenting to determine your perfect serving amount.

How long will Wellness Collection™ CBD stay in my system?

CBD’s half-life is 24 to 48 hours.  This means that it might remain in your system for up to a week, depending on how much CBD you take.